Molly Scott Cato

Molly Scott CatoMolly Scott Cato is a green economist and expert in the social economy. She specialises in the issues of trade, work, money and cooperatives. She is a Reader in Green Economics at the Cardiff School of Management and Director of Wales Institute for Research into Co-operatives.

Molly grew up in Bath and later lived in Blagdon near Bristol. She has three children and lives in Stroud where she is active in her local community. She is a member of the core group of Transition Stroud and co-ordinates its Lifestyles and Livelihoods working group. She is also on the core group of Stroud Community Agriculture and is a Director of Stroud Common Wealth.

The financial crisis threatens our local economies just as the ecological crisis threatens our planet. As Greens we are working to rebuild local economic relationships. In a green economy, much more of what you need will come from your locality. This will reduce the CO2 produced when stuff is transported across the globe. It will also support local employment. Farmers' markets are popular because the produce is local and so you can have a real relationship with the person who produced your food. This helps to reinforce community. It is also a much more enjoyable way of doing your shopping than at the characterless supermarket. 

Building a Secure Green Economy 

Molly has a PhD in economics from the University of Wales, Aberystwyth and an MSc in Advanced Social Research Methods from the Open University. She also has an MA in Politics, Philosophy and Economics from Oxford University. Molly has been an active in the Green Party for 20 years. She has stood for election at all levels and currently speaks for the Party on economic issues. She has also conducted commissioned research including a report for the Association of Green Councillors on the subject of Using Best Value to Encourage Green Procurement in Local Authorities.