Roger Creagh-Osborne

Roger Creagh-OsborneRoger Creagh-Osborne lives in South East Cornwall where he is Chair of his Parish Council and involved in a range of local Green and Community Groups. His background and 'day job' is in Electronic Engineering and Computing but he now spends most of his free time working on Transition and Transport related activities. He is particularly interested in energy and transport issues, and coming from a rural background has a keen interest in agriculture, earth stewardship and countryside matters.

Roger identifies Europe as a key component of our sustainable future, but says that it needs to be a radically different Europe that is built on the notion of a common community and not a common market. We need a vision of the future that is not based on business as usual and ever-continuing growth - development is not the same as growth, and we will work to develop a sustainable future for Europe. Green MEPs can take the grass roots activism of local groups and plant it where it can make a real difference as a new kind of politics.

Roger is particularly interested in the following policy areas:

  • Transport
  • Rural issues (agriculture, food, farming)
  • Energy
  • Culture and Media

In the 1980's Roger was a Shop Steward and later Shop Chair for ACTT and delivered successful collective bargaining agreements on the introduction of new technologies. As well as his activities for the Green Party, Roger co-founded Saltash Rail Users Group and successfully fought the imposition of a 50% cut in service through a combination of campaigning and negotiation to restore service levels and support a 50% increase in passenger numbers. He is actively campaigning against the expansion of both Newquay and Plymouth airports; both of which are a drain on the local economy. He is a driving force in Saltash Environmental Action Group which is raising awareness of environmental issues and practical local solutions in the district.

Roger is 56 with three grown-up daughters who all attended the local state comprehensive school and then various universities.