Caroline Lucas MP makes case for nuclear cuts to save essential services

19 October 2010

Green Party leader Caroline Lucas MP today published a report identifying well over £100 billion of potential savings from nuclear arms projects and subsidies to the nuclear power industry.

In the report Britain’s first Green MP argues that cancelling the Trident renewal will save over £100 billion, while axing proposed new nuclear power stations will save the UK taxpayer around £8 billion in nuclear waste costs.

The report argues that “Rather than callously cutting to the bone the UK’s vital social infrastructure the Chancellor should axe the renewal of Trident, which would save £100bn.

“And if he also scraps plans for the proposed eight new nuclear power stations, he’ll save the UK something like £8bn in waste disposal subsidies.”

The MP for Brighton Pavilion commented today:

“Scrapping these nuclear programmes would save huge amounts of money to help ease the deficit problem and save some of the essential services that the government is otherwise committed to hacking.

“But it would also ensure a more secure future for the country, something which is often claimed as the longer term purpose for the cuts.”



1. The report can be downloaded here:  

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