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Water fluoridation – the threat to health and civil liberties

Conference notes that a large number of MPs, Conservative, Liberal Democrat, Plaid Cymru and especially Labour, have signed Early Day Motion 247 promoting water fluoridation.

Conference reiterates the party's firm opposition to water fluoridation and notes:

1. That while some evidence suggests water fluoridation reduces tooth decay, this is contradicted by mass studies in New Zealand, Canada and the USA indicating that fluoridation does NOT reduce tooth decay.

2. Fluoride is associated with a wide range of health problems, and the government's York Review was unable to conclude that water fluoridation was safe.

3. Mass medication contravenes the European Convention on Human Rights and Biomedicine, which has been signed by 29 European countries but not the UK.

Conference therefore:

1. Instructs the External Communications Coordinator to continue to promote the party's opposition to water fluoridation.

2. Encourages local Green Parties to campaign on this issue locally, using the resources available from the national party.

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