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Bankruptcy of Government's renewable energy programme

Conference denounces the Government's failure to act quickly to prevent its scheme of financing renewable energy from going effectively bankrupt.

Conference notes that there is the equivalent of nearly Sizewell B's worth of wind power generating capacity that has achieved planning consent but which has not yet been installed. However wind power developers cannot obtain funding because the bankruptcy of TXU Energy has destroyed confidence in the Government's system of funding renewable energy through renewable obligation certificates (ROCs). TXU has failed to pay money into the renewable obligation fund leading, according to Ofgem, to £20 million shortfall in the renewables obligation fund.

Conference calls upon the Government to immediately fund this shortfall and underwrite ROCS to a minimum value of 3p/kWh for 15 years

Conference calls upon the Green Party Executive to write to the Government demanding this action.

Conference denounces the hypocrisy of the Government in bankrolling the running costs of nuclear power run by British Energy, which has already been built with state funds. At the same time the Government has failed to allow wind power and other renewable energy schemes relatively small amounts of money to allow them to be even commissioned.

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