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Iraq special investigation

In the light of the failure of the Iraq Survey Group to uncover WMD, despite claims that the Iraqis possessed such weapons being used by the government to justify invading Iraq last Spring:

Conferences notes that:

1. Serious doubts have been cast on Tony Blair's competence in office and/or his credibility, by his claims that he was "unaware" of the intelligence that Iraq could launch weapons of mass destruction in 45 minutes referred only to battlefield munitions

2. Further doubts have been cast on the legality of invading Iraq, by the Attorney General's refusal to allow his pro-war legal advice to be scrutinised in court by Katherine Gun's defence.

3. That there has yet to be a full and independent inquiry into the political actions that led the country to war with Iraq.

Conference:Calls for GPEX to campaign for an independent national inquiry into the political motivations, decisions, and actions of the Blair administration, that led the UK to war on Iraq in March 2003.

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