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Real Progress on sustainability: The Climate Change Challenge

Conference notes that on 13 September 2004 a Climate Change Challenge was issued to the Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrat Parties on behalf of the Green Party. It included the following urgent demands:

- Immediately adopt a Contraction and Convergence policy.

- Set a target of 90% reductions in UK CO2 emissions by 2050 or sooner.

- Pass the Home Energy Conservation Bill and the Air Traffic Emissions Reduction Bill.

- Scrap the £30 billion national roadbuilding programme.

- End all nuclear and oil industry subsidies and end all tax breaks given to the aviation industry.

- Implement Smart Energy strategies in all local authorities.

- By 2010, establish two million solar roofs and two million small-scale wind energy systems and be raising at least £2 billion a year from ecotaxes for other non-nuclear renewable energy production.

- Give financial support to poorer countries to help them develop prosperous and low-carbon economies.

Conference calls on all parties to accept this challenge and commit to taking these steps as a minimum.

Conference instructs the national executive to seek meetings with the Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrat leaders to discuss the urgent need for cross-party action on climate change.

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