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Real Progress on climate change: The Air Traffic Emissions Reduction Bill

Conference notes that:

1. In his well-publicised speech of 14 September 2004, Labour leader Tony Blair stressed the seriousness of climate change and the urgency of tackling it.

2. In the same speech, Tony Blair said: "by 2030, emissions from aircraft could represent a quarter of the UK's total contribution to global warming."

3. In his well-publicised speech of 13 September 2004, Conservative leader Michael Howard acknowledged that aviation is "the fastest growing source of greenhouse gases."

4. In the same speech, Michael Howard accused Labour of "ducking" this issue and declared that a Conservative government would not duck it.

5. Notwithstanding these statements, both Conservative and Labour policy on aviation has remained unchanged - to rapidly expand the UK aviation sector and to continue the £9 billion annual tax break currently given to UK aviation.

Conference therefore calls upon Michael Howard and Tony Blair to give their full support to the Air Traffic Emissions Reduction Bill, written by the Green Party and passed by the House of Lords in March 2004, and to ensure that this Bill becomes law in the next session of parliament.

Conference instructs Green Party Executive to communicate this wish to the Conservative and Labour leaders.

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