Green party

Historic election deal between Cornish party and Greens

25 March 2004

The agreement will see Mebyon Kernow proactively backing the Green Party inthe June Euro-elections, while the Greens will back Mebyon Kernow candidatesin the next general election.

There will also be a non-opposition pact in the 2005 county councilelections while the two parties aim to work together on joint campaigns andevents.

Both Mebyon Kernow and the Cornish Greens will remain committed to their owndemocratically agreed policies, but a joint statement issued today says thetwo parties "recognise the value of political co-operation and see manyareas where working together for the greater good will promote a new andbetter political agenda for Cornwall."

Karen Westbrook, spokesperson for the Cornish Green Party, said today:

"The people of Cornwall will have the opportunity to vote for a voice inEurope that will truly represent them. Just a 2% increase in the Green votewill achieve the election of the first Green MEP to represent Cornwall."

Mebyon Kernow leader, Cllr Dick Cole, said:

"We are pleased to be able to offer our full support to the Green Party inthe Euro-elections. Mebyon Kernow is a full member of the European FreeAlliance which has been doing good work in the European Parliament inalliance with Green Parties from throughout Europe."

Cornish alliance will seal Green Euro-election success

The Mebyon Kernow leader continued: "As parties, we have a great deal incommon. Our political platforms are radical, forward-looking and inclusive.We are working for real sustainability, social justice, a healthy localeconomy and we're campaigning for a Cornish Assembly."

On June 10th, seven MEPs will be elected to serve the South West politicalregion, which includes Avon, Devon, Dorset, Gloucestershire,Somerset and Wiltshire as well as Cornwall. The Green Party polled over86,000 votes in the 1999 Euro-election and is confident that, with only asmall swing, Green MEPs will be elected in 2004.

Emily McIvor, the number 2 candidate on the Green Party list for the SouthWest Euro-elections, added:

"This year, we expect to increase the number of UK Green members of theEuropean Parliament from two to six. In June, voters have the chance toelect Greens who will champion progressive and radical policies on socialjustice, environmental protection and international trade.

"We stand for democracy and social justice and against the planting of GMcrops and corporate domination of the EU."


1. At their spring conference in Hove (13th March), Green Party members fromthroughout England & Wales committed their party to supporting the campaignfor a Cornish Assembly.

2. Mebyon Kernow - the Party for Cornwall is a progressive political partycampaigning for self-government for Cornwall. MK's political philosophy isbased on four important cornerstones, which are Cornish, Green,left-of-centre and decentralist. MK has councillors on four of Cornwall'ssix district councils, as well as a number of town councils includingCamborne, Liskeard, Redruth and Truro.

3. MK is a full member of the European Free Alliance, which is a federationof progressive autonomist and regionalist political parties from throughoutEurope. In the European Parliament, the EFA is allied with the Green Partiesfrom throughout Europe. At the present time, their 45-strong Green/EuropeanFree Alliance Group is the fourth largest in the Parliament.