Green party

London campaign on the move as Green Party battle bus hits the road

1 June 2004

The Green Party's distinctive double decker campaign bus will hit the road, today, taking the party's prospective London candidates out and about in the run up to elections on June 10th.

Jean Lambert MEP, mayoral candidate Darren Johnson AM, Jenny Jones AM and Noel Lynch AM will be among the passengers setting off from Brixton at 11.15 am. They will be visiting Westminster, Camden, Islington, Hackney, Tower Bridge, Lewisham, Peckham and Camberwell before returning to Brixton early evening.

The bus is one of those that drove "human shields" to Iraq at the beginning of the war last year. This time round the specially decorated bus will take part in less risky campaigning.

Darren Johnson, Green Party Mayoral Candidate said, "Taking our distinctive bus on the road is a fantastic opportunity to hear concerns of people around London, and to be inspired by them. It also gives us Green Party candidates the chance to get out there and talk about how we believe we can really make a difference."

And no, the Greens haven't lost the plot by driving round while they promote an environmental message. The bus will be powered by biodiesel, a fuel that has recycled vegetable oil as a main component, meaning reduced air pollutants such as the gases that contribute to climate change.

Darren Johnson points out:

"Our biodiesel-powered bus is just one illustration that steps for a healthier environment are not just badly needed - they are also entirely possible."


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