Green party

MEP discusses future of Tibet with Dalai Lama

27 May 2004

Jean Lambert, a member of the European Parliament's Civil LibertiesCommittee, will discuss the future of Tibet and the role played by the EU indefending Tibetan human rights - and its position in trade diplomacy withChina.

Mrs Lambert said: "Since China's annexation of Tibet more than 50 years agothe UN has passed resolution after resolution calling on China to guaranteepolitical autonomy, religious freedom and international human rightsstandards on the plateau.

"These conditions have not been met and Tibet continues to suffer increasingmilitarisation and environmental destruction - and Tibetans are denied theirreligious freedoms and continue to suffer human rights abuses at the handsof the Chinese authorities."

The meeting, in the Attlee Suite of Westminster's Portcullis House tomorrow,has been organised by the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Tibet.