Green party

Green MEPs leading the way on gay rights

8 June 2004

The Green Party has nationally launched its commitment to EU-wide lesbian,gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) rights with a Euro-election gaymanifesto. The Greens are the first UK political party to have a manifestofor Europe-wide LGBT human rights.

The manifesto draws attention to the progress made by Green MEPs in securingimportant LGBT rights in the European Parliament. These include:

  • campaigning in the European Parliament against homophobic discrimination:
  • successful efforts to get an anti-discrimination clause inserted in the draft EU Constitution.
  • working to extend the EU definition of "family"
  • writing the Parliament's 2004 report on fundamental rights in the EU, with a clause attempting to speak out in favour of sexual rights, including the right of gay and lesbian couples to adopt and marry
The Green Party's Euro-election LGBT pledge includes five key commitments:

  • Ensure all EU member states comply with the EU directive outlawing discrimination against lesbians and gay men in the workplace.
  • Ban homophobic and transphobic discrimination in access to goods and services, such as insurance and mortgages.
  • Legalise same-sex marriages and registered partnerships across the EU.
  • Extend the EU definition of "family" to include LGBT partnerships.
  • Adopt non-homophobic, gay-friendly policing policies throughout the EU.
Well-known gay rights campaigner Peter Tatchell, who recently joined the Green Party said:

"Greens are the first political party in the UK to draw up a gay manifesto for the European elections. They take gay issues seriously and that is one of many reasons that they deserve our support".