Green party

Singer banned after gay-Green protest

4 November 2004

The home office has denied entry into the UK to a singer whose lyricsincluded incitement to the murder of white people and members of the gay andlesbian community.

The move came after the Home Office was alerted to the threat by gay rightscampaign Outrage! and by the Green Party. Party chair Hugo Charlton wasnotified directly by the Home Office that Jamaican singer Miguel OrlandoCollins (otherwise known as Sizzla Kalonji) would be denied a visa.

Mr Charlton, a London barrister who is also the Green Party's spokespersonon home affairs, commented:

"This is one of those rare occasions when the right to free speech orartistic self-expression has been so grossly misused that a ban isjustified. Incitement to commit 'hate crime' simplycannot be tolerated."

Nigel Tart, the Green Party's national spokesperson on lesbian, gay,bisexual and transgender issues, said today:

"Sizzla's presence in the UK would have been a potential threat to publicorder, the safety of gay and white people, and to community relations.

"It is not in the public interest that he be allowed into the country. Thisis a great relief that the Home Office has denied a visa. Sizzla haspreached and incited the murder of white people and members of the lesbianand gay community in his songs and at concerts. We are pleased our party'slobbying and those of campaign groups - especially Outrage! and PeterTatchell has paid off and the Government has listened."

Peter Tatchell, the well-known gay human rights campaigner who recentlyjoined the Green Party, said:

"At a concert in Chicago in 12 April 2002, Sizzla not only urged hisaudience to kill gays, he boasted that he personally kills queers.

"According to the Jamaica Observer newspaper, 3 September 2004, Sizzla'sneighbours in Kingston Jamaica have demanded that he leave the community.They say his associates are linked to at least three murders."