Green party

Norwich Greens double vote share to win second County seat

27 May 2005

Norwich Green Party is tonight (Thursday 26th) celebrating taking its second seat on Norfolk County Council after nearly doubling its vote share in Town Close Division when compared with the 2004 Norwich City election there. The contest, originally scheduled for May 5th, was delayed following the death of the LibDem candidate. The win gives the Green Party official Group status, which will considerably increase its influence on the Council through committee places and an ability to ensure that its motions are seconded and debated.

The result was as follows:

GREEN, Christopher Hull, 1,151, 36.14%,LD 958, 30.08%,Lab 606, 19.03%,Con 470, 14.76%.

Turnout 41%

Precise comparisons with the 2004 figures are complicated by the fact that there were three seats up for election at that time, and each Party fielded 3 candidates. Whilst the highest-scoring Green candidate came 4th, they were just 3 votes ahead of the Labour candidate in 5th and 424 votes behind the third-placed LibDem. The other two Greens were 11th and 12th.

On the basis of the average vote for a candidate of each Party, the vote shares in 2004 were LD 41.95%, Lab 20.08%, Con 19.32%, GREEN 18.64%.

The absolute change in vote share relative to this is:

GREEN plus 17.50%,Lab minus 1.05%,Con minus 4.56%,LD minus 11.87%.

The change in number of votes for the Green Party (taking the highest-scoring candidate in 2004) is 1,151 - 634 = +517, an 81.5% increase

A delighted Cllr. Adrian Ramsay - the Party's Norwich South candidate who doubled the Party's vote share at the General Election - said "This result shows that the residents of Town Close, and an increasing number of people across Norwich as a whole, like what they are seeing from our Councillors and want more Greens elected. With two County Councillors we are now even better placed to push forward our agenda on issues like the use of fresh produce in school meals, an end to the sell-off of school playing fields, more spending on public transport instead of new roads and ethical investment of Council pension funds."

Norwich Green Party won its first seat in 2002 and now has 5 City and 2 County Councillors. It has already successfully defended one of the City seats twice and two others once. It has the third highest number of Councillors of any local Green Party in the Country behind Oxford on 12 and Lancaster on 8.