Green party

Conservative backbenchers try to wreck climate change Bill

14 March 2006

Following revelations that Conservative MPs Eric Forth and Christopher Chope attempted to wreck the Climate Change and Sustainable Energy Bill by filibustering, and plan to continue their sabotage at Friday's debate, Green Party Environment, Food and Rural Affairs spokesperson Penny Kemp called on David Cameron to prove his green rhetoric is more than hot air.

She said: "This is a very important Private Members Bill, which should be supported. Why would anyone oppose proposals to set national targets for microgeneration and reward customers for exporting electricity?

"We do not even hear their objections. They choose to use a preposterous legislative loophole rather than defeat (the Bill) with reasoned argument. Is this an example of traditional Tory beliefs clashing irreconcilably with Cameron's supposed green ideals?

"On a day when US scientists have announced a sharp rise in CO2 levels, to double the rate of increase from 30 years ago, the Green Party calls on David Cameron to show he is as serious about climate change as he says he is, and stop Mr Forth and Mr Chope from repeating their filibuster.

"I encourage people to write to their MP to ensure they turn up when the Bill is debated on Friday, and to write to David Cameron, and urge him not to let his backbenchers ruin a very important action in the fight to avoid ecological catastrophe."