Green party

Green MEP Welcomes President of Venezuela

15 May 2006

London's Green MEP, Jean Lambert shared the platform with Hugo Chavez and a mixture of leading figures from the left. Whilst the President continues his visit today with appointments in City Hall, Jean reflected on yesterday's event and said; "President Chavez deserves recognition for the changes and achievements he has made in Venezuela over the last few years. The country is now benefiting from real improvements in public services and the opportunities that we take for granted here in the UK.

"The fact that people in Venezuela are now gaining access to a fully functioning health service and the opportunity of an education proves that Chavez is bringing about reform and closing the gap between rich and poor.

"Yesterday's meeting demonstrated that the President has an enormous amount of support in his challenge to develop a fair trade system that aims to counter poverty rather than the free trade system being pushed by the WTO. I applaud his moves to an equitable society and hope in time society will be less divided."

Jean was joined on the platform by, amongst others, Tariq Ali, Colin Burgess MP and Paul Mackney.