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Greens at Muslim News awards

5 April 2007

Senior Greens attend Seventh Muslim News Awards for Excellence ceremony

Designed to showcase both Muslim and non-Muslim achievements in the British society, the event took place last night in central London.

The award ceremony and gala dinner, now in its seventh year, holds great significance in the British Muslim Calendar. The coveted ceremony provides an exclusive platform for recognition and promotion of excellence amongst British Muslims at a time when their positive contributions to society may seem increasingly under-recognised.

Green Party Principal Speaker Dr. Derek Wall, and National Executive member Khalid Hussenbux (who is the party's Finance Co-ordinator) both attended the event.

Dr. Wall said: "I am pleased to attend such a prestigious event on behalf of the Green Party

"After the July 2005 bomb attack on the London tube, the Prime Minister said, 'The rules of the game have changed.'

"Sadly, is is becoming increasingly clear just what this means. Muslims in this country are increasingly under attack, often vilified as terrorist sympathizers at the very least, or actively in collaboration with terrorists at the worst.

"The government is daily attempting to create an atmosphere of fear and intimidation, to allow it to continue to erode our civil liberties."

Dr. Wall went on to discuss the links between Islam and Ecology. He recently hosted an event at the Green Party's Spring Conference discussing this, with guest speaker Muzammal Hussain of the London Islamic Environmental Network.

Dr. Wall continued:

"Islamic teachings work in a holistic system which recognises the interactions between the diverse areas of life and society such as economics and health, peace and conflict, within which environmental care is also integrated.

"The emphasis on spiritual development, on our relationship with the world around us, means Islam has many things to teach the environmentalist movement.

"There is a strong concern with environmental protection and sustainable stewardship in the Koran, which has something to teach all of us Muslim and non Muslim alike."


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