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Green Party launches manifesto for Welsh Assembly election

12 April 2007

Wales Green Party today launched its Manifesto for the Welsh Assembly Election at the Norwegian Church, Cardiff Bay.

The bilingual event included speeches by Green Party Principal Speaker Dr Derek Wall and lead candidates from across Wales. The party highlighted its radical stance on climate change, economics, energy, transport and peace.

Rhodri Griffiths, the target candidate tipped to become the Welsh Assembly's first Green AM said:

"Wales was at the forefront of the industrial revolution, and has a special responsibility to tackle climate change.

"Wales could be at the forefront of another revolution - a green industrial revolution - that would change the way we live.

"But the Assembly has yet to deliver - they are just advocating new roads and even subsidised airlines rather than policies that will change our lives and cut climate emissions."

Ann Were, Leader of Wales Green Party and South East Wales candidate said, "Green issues have never been higher on the political agenda. Every party is putting on green clothes these days. But it remains to be seen how effective this 'New Green' agenda will be in dealing with the impact of Climate Change.

"Greens have been discussing these issues, and developing solutions for over 20 years now. We have the answers to all the questions that the other parties have only just begun to ask.

"Experience across the UK shows that it needs a Green presence on our assemblies and councils to ensure that the challenges of climate change are faced up to by the other parties.

"In the European Parliament, Scottish Parliament, London Assembly and in local councils across England Greens are already delivering the necessary measures. In March the first Green Assembly Member was elected in Northern Ireland. On May 3rd people in Wales have the opportunity to make history by electing their first Green Assembly Members and giving Wales a Strong Green Voice."


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