Green party

Greens deliver cleaner, cheaper energy in Kirklees

19 March 2008

Kirklees Green Party today launched a online film, showing how the Kirklees Green councilors are delivering reduced fuel costs, reduced carbon emissions, and improving resident's quality of life across the region.

Since first being elected onto the council in 1996, Kirklees Green Party have delivered clean, renewable energy and energy efficiency initiatives to local residents that potentially saves hundreds of pounds each on their fuel bills. Because of these initiatives, and with Kirklees Green Party switching council transport use to a pool of low emission cars, Kirklees council is recognised as one of the greenest in the country, with 5% of the UK's total solar energy produced in Kirklees alone.

In the film, Kirklees Cllr Andy Cooper highlights the Green Party policy of universally free wall cavity and loft insulation - a measure that traps heat in the home rather than letting it escape through the walls - saving home owners up to 30% off their fuel bills and a potential total of £4.5 million.

He also takes us on a tour of Primrose Hill, or 'Solar City', that has had 129 homes fitted with solar panels that generates, on average, 15% of the home's electricity and 60% of the home's hot water - energy that is carbon and cost free. The 'free at the point of purchase' loans for renewable energy installation is set to be massively expanded that will ensure cleaner, cheaper energy for the more Kirklees residents.

Green Party Councilor Andy Cooper, who led Kirklees council in establishing sustainable initiatives, said

"I'm proud of what we've been able to achieve in Kirklees. We've created jobs for the local are, we've helped protect the environment, we've made the council more efficient and reduced its costs, we've helped cut fuel bills for local people right the way across the borough, we've helped save millions of pounds.

"We've had a real impact on people's quality of life. If you want to see more of this, if you want to see more of this from your council, and from Kirklees, then vote Green on May 1st.