Green party

An end to Irish Sea nuclear dumping?

10 September 2003

This week sees a landmark moment in the campaign against Irish Sea nuclear dumping. Leading anti-nuclear campaigners from both sides of the sea will meet at the Green Party autumn conference in Lancaster, to discuss cooperation in the effort to shut down the British nuclear industry once and for all.

The debate will include such high profile figures as Dr Colum Kenny, Irish barrister and anti-nuclear campaigner, Mark Johnston of Friends of the Earth Europe, and Councillor Emily Heath, Leader of the Green Party Group on Lancaster City Council, which recently blew the whistle on a behind-closed-doors decision to give government aid to the British Energy nuclear plant at Heysham Head.

Dr Lucille Ryan O' Shea, of Comhaontas Glas/Irish Green Party, will be chairing the debate. She said today: "Enough is enough. The catastrophic effects of the British nuclear industry directly impact on people both sides of the sea.

"Studies have shown that people living close to the Irish sea coast could be 30% more likely to develop cancer, due to Sellafield's sea-dumping of radioactive waste.

"The Blair government has paid hundreds of millions of pounds of taxpayers' money to keep the ailing nuclear industry afloat. It could have gone to sustainable energy programmes.

"The Irish Green Party, like the Greens in Britain, is calling for the complete closure of Sellafield and of the entire British nuclear industry."