Green party

Energy and waste

EU admits having no plan for 'peak oil' crisis

09 February 2006

Commission shrugs off looming oil shortage as 'just a theory'

Britain should follow Sweden, not the US

08 February 2006

Sweden plans to become first oil free economy

Greens launch real public consultation on energy

01 February 2006

Survey to provide "clear and simple" answers for the government to consider

Toxic waste problem "not solved"

27 January 2006

Government committee's damning report

Greens concerned at biased portrayal of nuclear issue

19 January 2006

Mainstream media focuses on minor statistic in opinion poll

Campaign Launch: Green Energy Works

19 January 2006

Greens ask for more from energy review

New report backs up Green No to Nuclear

17 January 2006

78% of public have 'strong preference' for solutions other than nuclear power for mitigating climate change

MEP demands EU statement on 'peak oil'

16 January 2006

Is EU ready for another price shock? asks Lucas

Buncefield Depot explosions: Imagine if this had been nuclear?

12 December 2005

Environmental impact may be of catastrophic proportions

Tony Blair has fallen for the 'false solution'

29 November 2005

Nuclear power is unsafe, uneconomic and unsustainable - Keith Taylor

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