Jenny Jones - Tory plans for more prisons

6 October 2009

Chris Grayling, Conservative Shadow Home Secretary, went on LBC radio today to explain the Tory agenda of increasing the prison population and building new prisons.

Jenny Jones, Green Party spokesperson for Home Affairs, said:

"We already have the largest prison population per population in Europe, so most of our prisons are bursting at the seams. The Tories seem to want to criminalise even more of our population. At the moment, the criminal justice system is failing, and under the Tories it will fail even more miserably. What a frightening future the Opposition is planning for us."

"It's obvious that citizens have a right to feel protected and the violent offenders should go to prison, but we need a system that stops offenders re-offending, rebuilds trust between police and communities and tackles the causes of crime. We need a society where offenders make reparation to the victims - making reparations for crimes has proved an increasingly common and successful approach across the world."


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