Why Copenhagen failed

6 October 2010

Adrian Ramsay is deputy leader of the Green Party. Adrian was responding to a comment piece (click here) by Dominic Lawson in the Independent:

Dominic Lawson has a point in his critique of that bizarre film by 10:10. Most Greens feel that the tactics used in the film were inappropriate and counter-productive. But the rest of Mr Lawson's argument wouldn't make a very convincing film either. He completely misunderstands what happened at Copenhagen.

In international climate negotiations, we don't actually see Greens negotiating. We see European governments that don't fully understand the problem trying to impose on the governments of developing countries something that the latter are rightly suspicious of.

If these negotiations were led by Green politicians, first we ourselves would be demonstrating the social and economic benefits of transformation to a low-carbon society - including energy security, strong local communities and lasting, skilled jobs.

And second, Greens would be pushing for a "contraction and convergence" model which would recognise that poorer countries are still developing and need to be helped on to the path of sustainable development, with richer countries taking on their fair share of the necessary global carbon reductions.


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