Cycling England on the quango bonfire

15 October 2010

Ian Davey writes below about the abolition of Cycling England. Ian is the transport spokesperson for the Green group of councillors on Brighton and Hove city council:

"This is a sad day for cycling and the future of sustainable transport in Brighton & Hove. This city has received many millions of pounds in extra funding from Cycling England over the last six years. Whilst some schemes will always be controversial, the projects paid for by this money - which include cycle parking on streets and in schools, improved cycle training for children and better cycle lanes - have contributed to a massive increase in cycling in this city.

"A big question mark now hangs over the future of cycling and indeed sustainable transport in general. It appears that the ‘do nothing' approach to transport planning used by the current Conservative administration running this city has now been adopted by the coalition government running this country.

"Meanwhile those on the frontline of David Cameron's ‘Big Society' continue to suffer from congested streets, dangerous air quality and roads, many parents are too frightened to cycle on themselves, never mind let their children do so."

"By throwing Cycling England on the quango bonfire the coalition government have well and truly torched their claim that this will be the 'greenest government' ever."


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