"There's nothing progressive about making huge cuts to higher education" - Caroline Lucas


Green Party leader Caroline Lucas comments on the Green Party's position on increasing tuition fees. 

"David Willetts has described the government's introduction of higher tuition fees as "progressive". But there's nothing progressive about making huge cuts to higher education teaching, and forcing students to make up the funding gap, and nothing progressive about shifting the costs of education away from the state and on to students.

"A more progressive policy would be a business education tax levied on the top 4% of UK companies, with tax breaks for companies investing directly in their own employees' continuing education. Increasing main rate corporation tax to the G7 average of 32.87p, and hypothecating the extra revenue, would generate almost £3.9bn for higher education - more than enough to abolish all tuition fees, increase investment in higher education, and still leave the UK's main rate corporation tax below France, the US and Japan, and leave unchanged the small companies' rate.

"Following the Liberal Democrat U-turn on tuition fees, the Greens are now the only main political party that supports free education for all. A cap of £9,000 will price many people out of going to university - and those who do go will be saddled with huge debt. The NUS and the UCU have organised a demonstration in central London against government education cuts, for 10 November. I hope anyone concerned with preserving fair access to education will join me there."



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