Adrian Ramsay condemns cuts to Refugee Council


Government can't expect voluntary sector to bandage the wounds these cuts will inflict, says Greens' deputy leader


The revelation that the Refugee Council is to have its funding cut by 62% – on top of the 22% cut it sustained last year – is cause for serious concern. The speed and depth of these cuts will almost certainly result in applicants failing to receive the help they need, which could see them wrongfully returned to the danger from which they fled.

These cuts will seriously affect unaccompanied child refugees and the ability of refugees to integrate into our society. The Home Office cannot expect a fully-functioning voluntary network to spring up and bandage the wound these cuts will inflict, and the Green Party urges them to reconsider the disproportionate burden they are placing on an invaluable institution. If ministers need to find the cash – how about cracking down on the tax avoidance and evasion that costs this country billions of pounds a year?



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