The Conference Access Fund is entirely funded by donations from members and exists to improve accessibility to Conference.

Members suffering financial hardship can apply to the fund for help with registration fees, travel, accommodation and subsistence. Where needed, the fund can also be used for wider conference accessibility e.g. hire of mobility scooters. 

You can apply pre-conference to have your conference registration fees waived and the fund can also cover up to a maximum of £50 to cover travel, £30 accommodation per night (max 2 nights unless long travel distance makes a third necessary), and up to £15 subsistence per day (max 3 days). 

Successful applicants will usually be expected to cover the costs themselves initially (exceptions to this can be made under certain circumstances, but will require a guarantee from your local party) and will be reimbursed after conference (receipts will be required).

Applicants will be considered case by case. As we are not able to grant all requests for assistance, in the interests of fairness anyone who has had a successful claim in the past 12 months, will not be able to claim expenses again (though can apply for free entry). 

Please note that all applications to the fund must be made pre-conference and will be approved on a first come first served basis. 


Please note applications for Autumn Conference are now closed. 



For further information please contact