Agenda (motions to conference)

For guidance on how to submit a motion to conference, please refer to the Policy Process page on the members' website. And if you would you like to hold a meeting with your local party to discuss motions to Conference, you can download our handy guide.

If you have any questions about the agenda process or deadlines, or if you are interested in chairing or co-chairing plenary sessions or workshops at conference, please contact

Members unable to attend conference may give a Proxy to a member able to attend. This can be done via the webform on the members’ website, or by notification to SOC by the proxy giver, identifying their name and local party, and the name and local party of the proxy holder. A physical form will be available at conference for those leaving but wishing to allocate their vote. A member may hold a maximum of five proxy votes.

The Agenda deadlines for Autumn Conference 2018 have been set by the Standing Orders Committee (SOC) as follows: 

DateAgenda Deadline

26 July

Pre-Agenda deadline: Final date for posting outlines of intended motions and policy papers to the Pre-Agenda forum on the members website here

2 August

First Agenda deadline: Final date for submission of final text of motions and policy papers to SOC.
This can be done via this webform or by emailing

16 August

Publication of the First Agenda, and opening of the Prioritisation Ballot  
These can be found on the members' website here.

30 August (extended from 23 Aug)

Final date for posting of amendments to the members’ website.
The Amendments Forum is on the members' website here.

6 September (extended from 30 Aug)

Final Agenda deadline: final text of amendments to SOC

20 September

Publication of the Final Agenda (latest)
The Final Agenda was published on 16.09 on the members website here.

Final date for submission of Late Motions to Conference 
The Late Amendements forum is open and is on the members' website here.