We will be providing a free Creche for the children (aged 1-11) of members who are attending the Global Greens and European Greens Congress next Spring. The Creche will be held on site and run by a professional childcare company. Non-members attending the Congress may also be able to pay to use the crèche if spaces are available.

Hours of provision

The Creche will run on the following hours:

Thursday 30 March 08.45-18.00
Friday 31 March 08.45-18.00
Saturday 1 April 08.45-18.00
Sunday 2 April 08.45-15.30

  • The crèche will be closed for lunch between 12.45-13.45 and Sunday from 12.30-13.30. Parents are expected to collect their children during the lunch hour.
  • The Creche provider can provide babysitters outside the Creche hours if evening childcare is needed. Parents will have to bear the cost of this themselves.

The deadline for making crèche bookings has now closed.

Please contact if you have any questions.

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