Applying for fringes, panels and meeting rooms at Conference

The formal part of conference consists of plenary sessions and workshops on motions devoted to policy making and organisational issues, but there are also various fringe and panel sessions on topical issues and members can apply to run these on topics of their choosing. In addition, policy working groups and recognised special interest groups can book a meeting space. For information on how to apply/book see below.

Fringes: These can be run by members, staff or external organisations and are usually educational or informative rather than directly related to policy, and are held in the breakout rooms. There are always more applications than slots available so they are prioritised according to relevance to the conference theme, topicality, quality of application, etc. The deadline for applying for a fringe session was 10 August and applications are now closed.

: A panel of expert speakers, often from outside the party, debating a particular topic, usually followed by questions from the floor. These sessions are open to the public and are usually held in the main hall. The deadline for applying for a panel session was 10 August and applications are now closed. 


These sessions are run by staff (and sometimes by external trainers) and cover areas such as local party organisation, campaigns, media, policy, electoral activism, etc. Training sessions are generally not open to applications from the membership, but please email us if you have feedback on any element of our conference training:


Meeting space for policy working groups

There will be a meeting space available for policy working groups.
Convenors can book a meeting slot via the online google docs form.

Meeting space for special interest groups

There will be a meeting space available for recognised special interest groups.
Bookings can be made via the online google docs form