A full outline timetable will follow after the publication of the First Agenda in July.

Note: We are returning to a four day format in order to allow adequate time to hold Governance Review sessions as part of this ongoing process. Based on feedback, we are reviewing the idea that the Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning would be dedicated to these Governance Review sessions. We hope to have a draft outline timetable soon to help you with travel and accommodation planning. Please send any feedback to conferences@greenparty.org.uk. 

What is the Governance Review?

The Governance Review working group was empowered by previous conferences to draft a new constitution proposing revised governance structures. The draft constitution reflecting these changes will be proposed on the members’ website by the Pre-Agenda deadline of 30 June. A final version will be submitted to Standing Orders Committee by the First Agenda deadline of 14 July. Members will be able to propose amendments to parts of this draft constitution and these must be submitted to Standing Orders Committee by the Final Agenda deadline of 25 August. soc@greenparty.org.uk

At Conference, the proposals and amendments will discussed in workshop and plenary sessions. If the proposed constitution along with any amendments agreed is passed, then this will be put to an all membership ballot and will require a 2/3 majority to come into force.

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Anti-Fracking fundraising dinner

Yorkshire and Humber Greens are organising a fundraising dinner in Harrogate on Friday 6th October to celebrate the No Fracking Way walk organised by the region in March. If you are interested in finding out more, contact Andrew.Cooper@greenparty.org.uk.

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