Spring Conference training programme

Interested in winning elections in your area? Look out for the training that will be provided by the Field Team during the conference. There will be sessions for beginners and sessions for those of you who have already won elections. Get ready to hear some truly inspiring campaign stories and geek out on the most technical aspects of elections. 

We hope to have the training programme finalised by the end of December.

Below is the programme from Autumn Conference 2019 to give you an idea of the kind of sessions we normally run.

General Election candidates top tips 
Chris Williams, Head of Elections, and Guy Poultney, South West Field Organiser
Come along to hear tips on preparing to be a candidate for the General Election. From attending hustings, dealing with emails to managing your stress levels. You will also get the chance to meet and network with other Green candidates.

Getting the most out of social media 
Alexander Clare, Head of Communications
Come and find out how best to use social media to interact with your community, promote what you do and for councillors how to keep in touch with voters. Practical tips will be given on how to increase your audience on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You will also learn about negative posts: to answer or not to answer?

How to involve new members and build a great team
Guy Poultney, South West Field Organiser
We can’t win elections on our own, we need many hands (and their time!) to be successful. Come and find out how to inspire your members to be active and how to build a team that works hard, works well and has fun!

Learn how to take some awesome pictures 
Peggy Wiseman, Senior Field Organiser - West Midlands
Newsletters are the cornerstone of a good election campaign and pictures are the cornerstone of really effective newsletters. Come along and learn how to make your photos awesome! Fun guaranteed!

How to win a local election
Guy Poultney, South West Field Organiser 
Have you been inspired by our amazing wins this year? Want to see local action to protect our environment? Then this training is for you. Learn how you can build an election campaign and get more Green Councillors elected.

The joy of being a Cllr 
Cllr Andrew Cooper, Field Organiser Yorkshire and Humber
Have you ever thought about being a Councillor? Do you know someone who would be fantastic at representing the Green Party on a council? Then come along and hear about what it’s like to be elected. From all the practical details (pay, time involvement, etc..) to the difference Greens make on local councils.

Fundraising for a General Election 
Julie Dahle, Fundraising Officer
In this session we will cover essentials on General Election fundraising. That includes information about online fundraising and a review of fundraising reporting regulations. We will also plan ahead and look at future fundraising activities together. This is an interactive session where we can learn from each other’s successes!

We won! 
Come along and find out about the campaign in Tonbridge and Malling, where they have just won a new council seat. They came 4th in 2015 and won with 79% of the vote share this year! Come and hear their stories, the ups, the downs and hear first-hand what it takes to win. Be prepared for a real adventure!

How to deal with media interviews during the General Election 
Whether you are a brand new candidate or whether you have stood many times for the General Elections, come and find out the best practices on dealing with an interview. You will get a chance to practice your skills and to ask any questions you may have.

Local Election Literature 
Peggy Wiseman, Senior Field Organiser - West Midlands
The six weeks before election are vital to secure votes. Come and learn how your literature can take you to victory and persuade those undecided voters to back your candidate. If you have run short campaign before, please bring along some of the leaflets you have produced.

How to select your target ward
Guy Poultney, Field Organiser - South West
In order to win we must focus our efforts on a specific area. The stakes are very high; campaigning in the wrong place can waste hundreds of hours and hundreds of pounds. Come along to learn how to make the best possible choice when deciding where to campaign.