Spring Conference training programme

Look out for the training at conference; we will be offering training designed to show you how you can practically become a part of our Green electoral success (local elections are on the 7th May!) and help you to run your short campaigns as smoothly as possible.

NB Sessions are open to members only. 

FRIDAY 14.15-15.30
Election Agents - how to make your role simple
Malcolm Powell, Haringey Green Party
Target audience: Election Agents
Want to find out what an election agent does? Are you one but feel you need to know more? Or are you an experienced agent and have tips to share? This session will cover all aspects, led by an experienced election agent.

FRIDAY 18.45-20.00
Moving from climate emergency to climate action planning on your Council
Julian Dean, Climate Action Officer
Target audience: Councillors
Greens have made a decisive impact through climate emergency declarations. But how do we continue to have an impact in councils and communities? Through creating local strategies towards specific emissions reduction goals that involve allies and friends, you will have an opportunity to go home with a toolkit and some methods for the coming period.

SATURDAY 09.00-10.15
Breakthrough 2021 - how to win in 2021
Annie Pickering, Senior Field Organiser
Target audience: Local party officers
Breakthrough 2021 - 2021 could be the year we Breakthrough on to County Councils all over England, join us to find out how your Local Party can do this, hearing from previous campaigns and find out what support is available for you to achieve this.

SATURDAY 10.30-12.30  
60 Second Surveys: for real!
Join Brighton and Hove Green Party's election-winning team to try out 60 Second Surveys for real, in one of our friendly local wards. We'll brief you, we'll hit the streets together to hand out surveys, then collect them back in and reconvene for a debrief.
Run by Paul Steedman (Brighton & Hove Party Manager) and local councillors.
Meet at the Elections Surgery Desk in the exhibition area.

SATURDAY 13.30-14.45
Election Literature - sharing the best to help your campaign win
Chris Williams, Head of Elections & Field Operations
Target audience: Local party officers and campaign managers
Your short campaign literature - both frequency and quality - are the make or break of your local election campaign.Find out what a competent literature plan looks like, how to do it cheaply, cut corners and what some of the more 'newer' Green Party election literature looks like.

SATURDAY 17.00-18.15
Canvassing - how to do it seriously well
Annie Pickering, Senior Field Organiser and Chris Williams, Head of Elections & Field Operations
Target audience: Local party officers and campaign managers
Canvassing - Talking to voters through canvassing leads to winning campaigns, but can also lose your voters if done badly. Find out how to canvass like a pro and how to get more people canvassing in your local party.

SATURDAY 17.00-18.15
The membership journey, using CiviCRM and exciting members so they stick with us
Culann Walsh, Membership Engagement Officer
The membership team will host a session on using our digital systems to give members the best experience of the Green Party. We will cover the basics of CiviCRM, using Civimail and segmenting your lists between members and supporters, finding who wants to help with canvassing and leafleting and breaking your members down ward-by-ward. We will also speak about best practice in welcoming new members, communicating with members going into grace, run through how the membership team communicate with these members and what is expected of you as a local party officer.

SATURDAY 18.45-20.00
Local Media - How to get great coverage
Gemma Walker, Head of Communications
Target audience: Local party activists
A hands-on session for party activists designed to build confidence and skills in dealing with local press. Will include top tips for writing engaging press releases, relationship building with journalists and pitching your stories. Lots of opportunity to ask questions. 

SUNDAY 09.00-10.15
Safeguarding - how to meet standards in your local party activities
Matt Browne, Policy and Governance Manager
Target audience: Local party officers
Safeguarding children and vulnerable adults is the responsibility of every local party. This session aims to ensure you know how to put in place robust practices to ensure risk to vulnerable adults and children is minimised in local party activities and in our interactions with the public.

SUNDAY 13.30-14.45
General Election Debrief Workshop
Chris Williams (Head of Elections), Mary Clegg (CEO), Tom Beament (GPEx elections)
Target audience: All members
Find out some interim conclusions from the Green Party's General Election campaign and participate in an interactive session where you can contribute your thoughts and feedback.