FAQs about Ecotricity

Why does the Green Party have a relationship specifically with Ecotricity?

A: Ecotricity has a unique long term vision to create a renewable energy infrastructure in the UK. Not only do they provide 100% green electricity and frack free gas, they are working to build the facilities to produce clean energy. Your bills become mills! In the 10 years of their existence, Ecotricity has expanded its energy production capacity by 80%. Each year, Ecotricity produces an Environmental Report. Find out more about their progress here.

The Green Party does not officially endorse any single green energy supplier at the exclusion of others. We are delighted to have had a relationship with Ecotricity, but it is not an exclusive relationship. Over the course of the next year we will be looking at developing affinity partnerships with a range of companies that support all of your lifestyle needs. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to contact the Membership team.

Ecotricity is in the process of building mechanisms that can reduce your energy usage automatically – i.e. turn off heating and turn off lights without your interference – all to reduce energy usage and minimise our carbon footprint easily. They are at the forefront of developing a full circle approach to carbon neutrality with their energy supplies and operating model. So, at the moment, by being with Ecotricity you are also supporting their efforts to help us all become truly carbon neutral.

Why is Ecotricity not part of the Warm Home Discount (WHD) scheme?

A: Ecotricity’s current revenue priority is investing in services that make it easy for you to live a carbon neutral life. That means, their profit is used to invest in tech that can make your home more energy efficient, in expanding their network of wind farms, sun parks, green gas mills, carbon neutral phone services and electric vehicle charging stations. They are compliant with Warm Home Discount scheme regulations as that is a requirement for energy companies with more than 250,000 companies. At present, Ecotricity has approximately 200,000 customers. This relatively young firm chooses to use all revenue possible on investment in expanding the grid to eventually make green energy the cheapest option.

If your personal economy means that you need to access the benefit of the Warm Home Discount Scheme, the Green Party advises you to consider services other than Ecotricity.

Why is Ecotricity more expensive than non-green alternatives? Is green energy more expensive?

A: Over the years, green energy has become the most economical form of energy available. We hope that it will become even more so, and that we continue to see more and more sources of green energy being built over the next few years. For Ecotritiy, though, they cannot both build a green grid for Britain and be the cheapest energy supplier on the market. The expense of your bill is an investment in wind farms, sun parks and green gas mills. You may find that green energy tariffs are slightly more expensive than standard energy tariffs. This is because it can cost a bit more to produce renewable energy and our energy infrastructure is not 100% integrated with them yet. But, we know that as wholesale renewable energy costs drop, so do the cost of green energy tariffs. It is Green Party Policy to work towards creating the regulations to expedite this, including ending subsidies for fossil fuels. Read more about our environment policy here.

I cannot afford Ecotricity – why are you promoting it to people who are on benefits or otherwise unfortunate?

A: If your economy prevents you from becoming an Ecotricity customer, please look for alternative options using resources like Money Supermarket. We are promoting our relationship with Ecotricity due to their commitment to expand the green grid to ensure that eventually, green energy is the most affordable option for everyone. The Green Party realises that many of us are conflicted financially when trying to make Green choices. That is why it is also our policy to work towards building a Green Economy that works for everyone, which extends beyond energy supply to our tax policies to minimise evasion and ensure the wealthiest citizens pay their fair share and progressive ideas like Universal Basic Income. We want everyone to have enough money in their pocket to thrive in life. You can read more about our Green Economy Policies here.

Does Ecotricity offer any other green alternatives?


A: Yes, they do. At the moment, you can go green with their sim card deals. Your mobile data will be backed up by 100% green energy fuelled servers! In addition, they use the money from your bill to give land back to nature and create new habitats for Britain’s wildlife. You can check it out here.

Are green energy tariffs really 100% green?

A: Green tariffs are plans designed to promote renewables. This doesn’t mean that everyone on a green energy plan is directly using renewably generated electricity. The National Grid does not work that way yet. The difference is that the equivalent amount of energy you use will be put back into the Grid from renewable sources. A green tariff creates a commitment for the energy supplier to generate more energy from renewables, equivalent to the amount you use.