Question 1: The [Leader/Deputy Leader] has no formal powers but could have some influence. How would you define the role of [Leader/Deputy Leader] both outside and inside the Party, and how will you carry out that role?

Candidates for Leader

Pippa Bartolotti

The role is primarily one of communication. It is also to motivate and encourage Greens to become more active, to network widely with non-Greens and non-voters and thoroughly explain our motives and policies. I would like to see us engaging with businesses, trade unions and younger people in a decidedly pro active way.

The party leader must be outward facing if we are to grow membership and increase electoral success. A creative leadership role in this respect would be to put forward fresh ideas, based on external interaction, for consideration by the party.

Romayne Phoenix

As Leader I would work with the Green Party press and external communications team to expand the media operation of the party and  to extend our opportunities in a variety of outlets. We are not losing Caroline Lucas MP. Let's be seen and heard more often and by a wider range of the population.

As a member of GPEx I would support the development of a growing activist base, help develop a membership strategy plan and visit local parties. 

Natalie Bennett

As well as representing the party to the public through the media, speeches etc, as leader I would aim to be the reliable, effective “go-to” person for members, helping the party form a strategic vision of the way forward and to deliver it. The leader will and should be held responsible for ensuring all aspects of the national party are functioning effectively to elect more Greens, promote our policies and help our elected reps be more effective.

Peter Cranie

The party constitution (8ii) defines the leader’s role. Externally I’d seek to deliver our message to a much wider and more diverse audience than ever before, to people sympathetic to us but who we haven’t managed to connect with yet. This is how we won Brighton Pavilion and this is how we can win more MPs, MEPs and councillor seats too. Internally, as a GPEX member, I’d argue for a coherent and ambitious strategy to grow the party, raise more cash and win more seats. 

Candidates for Deputy Leader

Alexandra Phillips

Primarily, the Deputy Leader will have a hands-on internal role, empowering local parties and providing support and modernising our structures. Internal efforts will affect external success and reinforce our strategy of embedding ourselves within and reflecting communities. I would use my external profile to boost fundraising and use my media skills to broaden our appeal and actively promote regional diversity of membership. 

Caroline Allen

I believe the role of Deputy is predominantly inward facing; enabling success in local parties by sharing good practice, organising better and bridging the gap between local parties and national bodies.

I will visit regions and local parties, listen to needs and provide practical help. From elections to campaigning, media and policy I have experience and knowledge and am open to learn. I can bring people together.

The Deputy must be able to represent the party externally. I am credible, articulate and knowledgeable, a confident speaker. I personally generated high levels of media coverage during the recent London elections campaign. My scientific background is invaluable in many debates.

Richard Mallender

Outside: to clearly articulate the party's views and policies, to speak out on issues of the day and give our vision for the future.

Inside: to show leadership, to give direction to debate, to inspire members and to help them achieve their potential.

How? Through meeting and talking to members and local parties and to other groups that share our aims and ideals; also through working with the rest of GPEx and GPRC.

Will Duckworth

The new Leader and Deputy will have the endorsement of the membership and will need to keep it by listening to and reflecting the will of the members. The new leadership team work will need to work on the twin pillars of targeting and campaigning in order to see the party grow.

Question 2