West Midlands

Will Duckworth - West Midlands Candidate

Will Duckworth is the lead candidate for the West Midlands region.

Will is the first Green ever elected in Dudley, the Black Country. He spent 30 years working as a mathematics teacher. He was an active trade unionist and has supported the FBU and NUT/NASUWT disputes recently. He is currently Deputy Leader of the Green Party.

As a MEP, Will will fight for more control of banks and other financial institutions. He wants to make sure that international companies in the EU are paying tax in the countries where they operate.

You can follow Will on twitter at @WillDuckworthGP.

Aldo Mussi of Sandwell Green Party is the second candidate.

Aldo worked in the NHS for 12 years and is currently a tutor of Public Health at Birmingham City University. As a former VSO in Malawi, Aldo has a particular interest in international, community, and sustainable development. If elected, Aldo will promote a more sustainable response to the ongoing financial and climate crises.

Press Officer for Will Duckworth and Aldo Mussi’s press officer is Scott Redding (media@westmidlandsgreenparty.org.uk)

Other candidates: Vicky Duckworth, Saffi Price, Cllr Tom Harris, Duncan Kerr, Cllr Karl Macnaughton