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Greens For A Better Europe

In June 2016, the people of Britain voted to leave the European Union by a slim majority.

The Green Party accepts the result of the referendum, but we reject the extreme Brexit pursued by our Government. We have a different vision for Britain’s future.

What are our priorities for Europe?

EU News

Looming Brexit bill defeat in the House of Lords highlights importance of ‘Dublin Case’

07 March 2017

The so-called ‘Dublin case‘ seeks legal clarity over the question of whether, once triggered, the UK can unilaterally revoke Article 50.

Green MEP launches post-Brexit agriculture reports and calls for ‘green tape’ as Leadsom attacks 'red tape’

21 February 2017

Ms Leadsom offered farmers no clear plan on farming post-Brexit and Dr Scott Cato says that questions to the government reveal they lack ideas on the future of farming after the UK leaves the EU.

Keith Taylor MEP: European Commission 'final warning' reveals the need for a new UK Clean Air Act

15 February 2017

“Theresa May’s administration is failing to do the bare minimum, as required by EU laws the UK itself helped to set, to improve the quality of the air we all breathe"

Jean Lambert MEP: EU moving forward on whistleblower safeguards, as UK moves backwards

14 February 2017

"While the European Parliament is moving forward on whistleblower safeguards, the UK appears determined to move backwards; undermining freedom of the press and the fundamental principles of democracy along the way."

Report: Environment faces 'cocktails of threats' from Brexit

13 February 2017

The report notes that the EU has been an effective driver of environmental action, and that Britain is now entering a period of ‘profound uncertainty’ which could lead to the downgrading of many key protections.