Caroline Lucas: EU migration plans are 'economically illiterate and cruel'

5 September 2017

5 September 2017

* Lucas slams Government plans which have been leaked to the Guardian

Caroline Lucas, the co-leader of the Green Party, has responded to a proposed 'crackdown' on EU migration that's been revealed in a leaked document in the Guardian. 

The 82-page paper, dated August 2017, sets out for the first time how Britain intends to approach the  issue of immigration. Lucas has slammed the plans, calling them 'economically illiterate and cruel'.

Caroline Lucas said: 

"The Government's post-brexit immigration crackdown isn't just economically illiterate, it's plainly cruel too. Ministers know that ending free movement will damage the British economy - yet they are ploughing ahead regardless. Now they're also planning draconian rules on family members of EU nationals and harsh income requirements too. 

"Britain has benefited from freedom of movement and from the enourmous contribution of EU nationals. To introduce these harsh new migration rules for people coming from the continent is a profound mistake, and one I will be fighting at every turn."



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