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Greens For A Better Europe

In June 2016, the people of Britain voted to leave the European Union by a slim majority.

The Green Party accepts the result of the referendum, but we reject the extreme Brexit pursued by our Government. We have a different vision for Britain’s future.

What are our priorities for Europe?

EU News

Green MEPs accuse Theresa May of ‘running scared’ of European Parliament

08 September 2017

The UK’s three Green MEPs have responded to news that Theresa May has refused an invitation to address the European Parliament, insisting she will only talk to Parliamentary leaders behind closed doors.

Caroline Lucas: EU migration plans are 'economically illiterate and cruel'

05 September 2017

The 82-page paper, dated August 2017, sets out for the first time how Britain intends to approach the issue of immigration.

New position paper on trade confirms ‘cake-and-eat-it’ approach to Brexit

21 August 2017

The paper seeks to ensure ‘the freest and most frictionless trade possible in goods and services’ and provide exporters and businesses with confidence to plan ahead.

Green Party responds to proposal for interim customs system

15 August 2017

The Green Party has responded to the announcement by David Davis that he is looking to secure a new customs arrangement with the EU.

MEP slams government for hiding over 50 secret studies on Brexit impact

14 August 2017

Green Party has slammed the government for refusing to publish 50 or more studies they have undertaken into the impacts of Brexit.