9. A citizens' democracy

The Green Party believes that politics should be done by people – not to them.

We want everyone to have a voice, not just those who have the loudest voices, the deepest pockets or the most powerful friends. We will work for a fair voting system in which every vote counts and to make sure that decisions made nationally and locally are based upon genuine consultation, negotiation and accountability. We believe fairness matters online and in the media too. We think the internet should be free of state and corporate surveillance, with our rights and freedoms protected. 

Our policies:

  • Introduce proportional representation (PR) for parliamentary and local elections, and votes at 16.
  • Increase diversity in representative politics, with job-shares, a 50/50 Parliament, and replacing the House of Lords with an elected second chamber.
  • Defend the Human Rights Act and UK membership of the European Convention on Human Rights, and reinstate funding for the Equality and Human Rights Commission.
  • Action to tackle racism and discrimination on the basis of faith, real equality for LGBTIQA+ people, equal rights for mixed gender couples to have a Civil Partnership.
  • Give power to local communities by allowing for 40% of the local electorate to secure a referendum on local government decisions or to recall their MP.
  • End the sale of personal data, such as health or tax records, for commercial or other ends.
  • Protect the BBC and tighten the rules on media ownership so no individual or company owns more than 20% of a media market, protecting against anyone having too much influence or undermining democracy.
  • Give Parliament a vote on any new trade deals.
  • Revive the role of democratic trade unions.
  • Enable every young person to take an active role in democracy, introducing non-biased political education and promoting active citizenship

A Green economy that works for everyone

The Green Party believes that our economy should be innovative, collaborative, forward facing and for the benefit of communities and the environment.


Protecting our environment

You can trust the Green Party to put the environment at the heart of everything we do.


Membership of the EU

The Green Party supported the Remain campaign and continue to believe that membership of the EU makes our future more hopeful and secure.


Our NHS and Public Services

We pay for public services, we use them, we own them. It’s time they belonged to all of us.


Education for all

Education transforms lives. The Green Party believes that education is a right, and should therefore be available to people of all ages.


Our Promise to Young People

We want to build a better, more positive future for everyone and in particular for young people. We want that future to be safer, happier, more equal and more secure.


A place to call home

We should all have a safe, affordable, secure and warm place to call home. The Green Party will tackle the causes of the housing crisis: giving renters a fair deal, making social housing widely available and bringing the housing market under control.


A safer world

The Green Party will work for a caring and confident Britain that uses its influence wisely, to build peace and protect the environment, and to offer sanctuary to those at risk.


A People’s Transport System

The Green Party will work to increase public investment in the railways, trams, ferries and buses, as well as to make our streets and roads safer for everyone.