Green MEP Addresses Bristol People’s Vote Rally

Molly Scott Cato was one of the speakers that addressed the Bristol People's Vote rally this month.

Following the overwhelming presence at the March for a People's Vote in London in June, Bristol - which voted 62% to remain in the EU - held its own rally.

As reported in local press, Molly, MEP for the South West of England and candidate for Bristol West at the last General Election, addressed the crowd saying:

“Look at us now, just look at us now. We’ve got huge momentum and I feel like it’s unstoppable and we’re going to win this campaign.

“Jacob Rees Mogg said we’ll see the benefit of Brexit in 50 years, but we’re not supposed to be waiting 50 years for economic benefit.

“We need to stop this madness, it’s destroying our biggest economic sectors in the South West.

“They’re hiding behind democracy but what sort of democracy is it when you’re not allowed to change your mind, and when the leave campaign cheated?

“We are determined people who resist and we are strong. We’re going to camping for a people’s vote and we’re going to win it.”

Molly Scott Cato is the party spokesperson for EU Relations and Economy & Finance and has created the website Bad Boys of Brexit, naming those who "have undermined the very foundations of democracy".