Greens across the country declare a climate emergency

Climate Change

Since Bristol Green Party councillors passed a motion on Bristol City Council in November declaring a climate emergency, a host of local authorities across the country have now followed suit.

In line with the findings of the IPCC report that we have 12 years left to avert breakdown of our climate, Bristol City Council unanimously resolved to bring forward its targets and become carbon neutral by 2030. 

Elected Greens have now joined this call in: Bradford; Brighton & Hove; Forest of Dean; Kirkless; Lambeth; Lewes; Liverpool; London Assembly; Saint Albans; Scarborough; Shropshire; Stroud; and Trafford and debates are scheduled to be held in Cannock Chase and Oxford.

Green activists have also successfully pressured councils without a Green presence to pass resolutions on this issue and Cornwall, Machynlleth, Milton Keynes and Nottingham have now all passed motions declaring a climate emergency and Lewisham and West Berkshire have debates coming up. 

The Green Party is currently working to support more councillors and activists across the country to grow this movement and increase awareness amongst the people of England and Wales that we need to take urgent action to halt the effects of climate change. We will have updates on how you can get involved with this soon but declaring a climate emergency is something all local parties could be considering right now. If you have any questions, please get in touch with the team on