Package of Proposed Changes to the Structure of the Green Party

Conference will remain the supreme body of the Green Party. An Autumn Conference will be held each year as now, but that will make a decision about what form, if any, a Spring Conference will take in the following year. This might include regional conferences or virtual gatherings. Enhanced remote access and secure online voting at Conference for all members (whether they physically attend conference or not) will be introduced, with a pilot at the Spring 2019 Conference to ensure the implementation will be as inclusive as possible.

The Philosophical Basis will remain as the foundational guide for the party, and arrangements for any changes to it as now.

The Standing Orders Committee will also remain in its current form.

Between conferences, all necessary decisions about strategy and activity will be overseen by a Council, comprising 45 members:

  • 18 representatives from the regions of England (2 from each) and 2 representatives from the nation of Wales (as currently on the Green Party Regional Council (GPRC))
  • Five representatives of the Young Greens
  • Five representatives from formally constituted Affiliated Groups within the GPEW who represent marginalised communities, including the current liberation groups
  • Five representatives of elected Councillors
  • 10 directly elected members

Regional and Affiliated Groups membership may be varied by the Council as recommended by the Holistic Review report.

The Council will take on the current responsibilities of the Equality and Diversity Committee, Conferences Committee, the Policy Development Committee, International Committee, Campaigns Committee and the Green World Editorial Board. It will work primarily through time-limited Task and Finish Groups to fulfil tasks as required to cover its responsibilities.

Decisions about political activities will be made by a Political Executive (PEX) which would meet at least weekly, normally by electronic means, comprising:

  • One representative of our MPs/ Peers
  • One representative of our MEPs (while-ever their role continues or should it be reinstated)
  • One of the Co-Leaders/ the Leader
  • One of the Deputy Leaders/ the Deputy Leader
  • The Leader of the Wales Green Party
  • One representative of AGC
  • The Chair or one of the Co-Chairs of Council
  • Four members elected directly by the membership

The Political Executive will be chaired by the Leader of the Party.

Oversight of the staff and the party’s legal responsibilities will lie with a Board, which will also carry the legal limited liability once such a structure is introduced (as already agreed). Its membership will consist of:

  • An elected chair and treasurer
  • Five members appointed by the council after an open application process.

The Disciplinary Committee and Disputes Resolution Committee will remain in their current forms.

Policy will be made as now by Conference, with the Policies for a Sustainable Society to be published on the members’ website and the Council responsible for the overseeing of the content of manifestos and policy outlines placed on the public-facing website.

Should the proposal for constitutional change in the referendum question be supported by the required two-thirds of participating members, Conference directs that the party employ an appropriated qualified lawyer to draw up a new constitution for the Green Party, substantially maintaining all aspects of the current constitution not covered by the referendum proposal, but taking into account also the recommendations of the Holistic Review.

That proposed new constitution should be put to a delayed Spring 2019 conference (to be held after the local elections in May 2019 but at the latest before the end of June) for adoption. The formal proceedings of this conference should allow significant time periods for discussion and adoption of the constitution, with elections completed before Autumn 2019 conference.

Members who are online, can access the above, together with the full report, on the members’ website.

Members can access further details of the existing structure and governance here

Proposed structure:

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