The Green Party of England and Wales is responding to a request from the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA), which asks that in the interest of transparency and openness, each institution will publish details of the steps they will take in response to the recommendation, including the timetable involved. 

IICSA Recommendation 3 states that: Government, political parties and other Westminster institutions must have whistleblowing policies and procedures which cover child sexual abuse and exploitation.  Every employee must be aware that they can raise any concerns using these policies and that the policies are not limited to concerns specific to a person’s employment. 


The updated Staff Whistleblowing Policy was approved and implemented in October 2020.  Every Green Party of England and Wales employee was made aware that they can and should raise concerns using these policies and that it is not limited to any concerns specific to their employment.  The employee Whistleblowing Policy is included in the induction programme for all new staff and a programme of training is underway for all existing staff. now a core aspect of new staff induction.

Green Party Governance bodies approved a new Members Whistleblowing Procedure in March 2021.  Our Whistleblowing Policy and Procedure makes clear reference to the harm of children, in triggering the Safeguarding Policy and Procedure and complements our Safeguarding Policy and Guidance (see below).


The Party’s Safeguarding Policy was reviewed and updated in Autumn 2020 in line with the commitment to review the policy annually. During this process the Policy, Commitment, and Local Party Chair/Coordinator Guidance were strengthened.  Clear definitions of abuse and types of harm were included to make the recognition of potential issues easier for members.  This was communicated to our members via the members public website. 

During this policy review a number of recommendations were identified to strengthen Safeguarding within the organisation. This includes the establishment of a Safeguarding Champions network across regions and local parties, and more in-depth training for staff working in most direct contact with members.  Our Governance bodies have undertaken certified Safeguarding training to ensure that Safeguarding obligations are observed in the work of those bodies. 

Our Safeguarding Policy will be reviewed annually.

Attachments to website:

Safeguarding Policy, Procedure, Member Commitment and Local Party Chair Guidance 2020

Members’ Code of Conduct 2019

Members’ Whistleblowing Policy 2021

Staff Whistleblowing Policy 2020