Internal Election Results 2020

The results for the House of Lords, Leadership, GPEx and Policy Development Committee are as follows:

House of Lords

  1. Molly Scott Cato
  2. Amelia Womack
  3. Rupert Read
  4. Andrew Cooper


Jonathan Bartley & Sian Berry

Deputy Leader

Amelia Womack

Campaigns Co-ordinator

Britta Goodman


Liz Reason

Elections Co-Ordinator

Kai Taylor & Claire Stephenson

External Communications Co-Ordinator

Molly Scott Cato

International Co-Ordinator

Claudine Letsae

Management Co-Ordinator

Matthew Browne and Florence Pollock

Policy Development Co-Ordinator

Vix Lowthion

Publications Co-Ordinator

Julia Lagoutte

Trade Union Liaison Officer

Kefentse Dennis

Policy Development Committee

  • Andrea Dexter
  • Natalia Waring
  • David Carlyon
  • Mick Gregg
  • Edward Gildea


The total electorate for Leadership, GPEx and Policy Development Committee elections was 47,691 a total of 7,503 ballots were cast giving a turnout of 16%.

The House of Lords election included members of The Green Party of Northern Ireland. The total electorate was 48,283 a total of 6,721 ballots were cast giving a turnout of 14%.

Members can view full details of the turnout and votes cast for each candidate on the members' website here.

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