Green Party Leadership and Executive Elections 2018

Nominations for leader, deputy leader and the executive of the Green Party of England and Wales are now open!

These elections will decide the direction the party takes over the next two years while the country faces some important challenges, particularly climate change and our future in Europe, and the only people with a vote are the members.

Have your say!

Nominations close on 29th June and voting will open on 30th July.

The following positions will be elected for a two year term:

  • Leader
  • Deputy Leader
  • Campaigns Co-Ordinator
  • Chair
  • Elections Co-Ordinator
  • External Communications Co-Ordinator
  • International Co-Ordinator
  • Management Co-Ordinator
  • Trade Union Liaison Officer

These casual vacancies will be elected for a one-year term:

  • Finance Co-Ordinator
  • Equality and Diversity Co-Ordinator
  • Policy Development Co-Ordinator

Members can find full details about the elections here.

Remember! Only members can stand, nominate and vote in these elections. Renew or join!