More support for job-share MPs

20 February 2013

Well done to Tory MP Sarah Wollaston for again raising the powerful arguments for allowing job-share MPs. as reported in The Times (paywall).

As she rightly said, we desperately need a parliament more representative of British society, with MPs bringing a broader range of life experience and skills to debate, which allowing job-share MPs would facilitate.

When the Green Party launched a call for job-share MPs in September 2010, it got a lot of attention and interest, and since then the issue has attracted further support. There's been plenty of discussion on the issue - now we need to get strong support for John McDonnell's 10-minute rule bill on the move.

Green MP Caroline Lucas called, in a report titled The Case for Parliamentary Reform for major changes to parliamentary procedure to make it more efficient, transparent and accountable.

Combine that with opening the role of MP to a far broader range of people, and we'd be taking important steps towards a more representative, effective parliament

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