Greens storm two more by-elections

24 March 2017

It’s great to wake up on a Friday and see texts about two new Green election wins waiting for me on my phone.

In Herefordshire, I’m excited to see Trish Marsh joining two other Green councillors, with an absolute landslide 40% of the vote share - over double the support of the second place candidate.

This is an overwhelming show of support for the Green Party in Herefordshire.

And in Knowsley, we’ve seen the 19 year old Kai Taylor take a seat in a straight race with Labour. This is the second by-election in as many months in Knowsley, and it’s the second Green seat they’ve won.

Two months. Two elections. Two Green wins. It’s absolutely amazing.

It’s always inspiring and energising when voters make the choice to go Green, and put their trust in our vision for the country. But the election win is only the start of the good news.

Now we get to see these people make a meaningful difference in their communities. And make no mistake, Green councillors change thousands and thousands of lives, from winning living wages for staff, to securing housing for the most vulnerable, to championing renewable energy projects across the UK.

And so I want to take this opportunity to congratulate our two new councillors, and to thank the hundreds of other Green councillors up and down the UK who work so hard every day to shape a society we can all be proud of.

Well done to everyone involved in these campaigns. It all goes to show that a Green vote really does make a difference.

Jonathan Bartley

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