Greens guarantee to do things differently

Across the country, every day, 164 Green Party councillors challenge poor decisions, fight bureaucracy, oppose laziness and vested interests, and work harder for the people they represent. For you.

Where councils are run by one of the major parties, who force their councillors to toe the party line and vote for the unforgiveable, Greens bring refreshing independence and scrutiny, asking awkward questions, demanding change, holding councils to account and delivering better democracy.

Green Party councillors guarantee to tackle the things that need to be tackled. We guarantee to challenge the status quo, where the status quo isn’t working, and to demand better of our elected councils.

And Green councillors will listen to you, the community, taking your concerns, your needs and your ideas to heart.

More Greens in local councils means more hard work, more fairness, more honesty and more democracy in local communities.

Greens guarantee to hold councils to account