Local Election Results

The Green Party was defending 31 seats at the 2018 local council elections and held 165 seats on 63 different councils across England and Wales.  Follow #GreenWin and #VoteGreen2018 to see results coming in.

FINAL Local Election Results

What a great day for Greens everywhere

(Updated 6.30pm Friday 4th May 2018)

With what has been an impressive set of wins for the Greens, so far 39 Green councillors have been elected (a net gain of 8), and Greens have broken through onto an additional 6 councils across England. Our new councillors have taken a total of 10 seats from the Tories and 9 from Labour.

In Solihull, Cllr James Burn has retained his seat with the biggest majority ever recorded for the Green at 78% of the vote. James is joined by 4 other Greens elected in Solihull today.

In London, Green Party Co-Leader Jonathan Bartley has been elected alongside 4 other Greens in Lambeth. The Greens are now the main opposition on five councils including Lambeth, Norwich, Solihull, Mid-Suffolk and Islington. Elsewhere in London, Green Assembly Members Sian Berry and Caroline Russell have been re-elected as councillors. Amongst others we’ve also held seats in Epping Forest, Reading, Liverpool, Sheffield, Rochford, Leeds, Wirral and Oxford.

One of the most exciting results remains the breakthrough onto Richmond-upon-Thames Council with four new Green Party councillors elected there. Our team of new councillors have also been joined by those elected in Cannock Chase, Peterborough, Solihull, Burnley, Knowsley, Sheffield, Birmingham and Trafford.

We have broken onto Trafford Council in Altrincham with Cllrs Geraldine Coggins and Dan Jerrome. And in Sheffield, Councillor Alison Teal has been re-elected with 1393 votes more than Labour, despite only an 8 vote majority in 2015. Alison is joined by new Green Councillors Kaltum Rivers and Martin Phipps.

Julie Howell has been elected onto Peterborough Council with a majority of over 400, taking her seat from the Tories in an impressive swing.

Full list of wins so far (39 total):

  • Peterborough: 1 gain
  • Epping Forest: 1 defence
  • Rochford: 1 defence
  • Camden: 1 hold
  • Islington: 1 hold
  • Lambeth: 4 gain, 1 hold
  • Richmond-upon-Thames: 4 gain
  • Trafford: 2 gain
  • Knowsley: 1 gain
  • Liverpool: 2 defence
  • Wirral: 1 defence
  • Burnley: 1 gain
  • Reading: 1 defence
  • Oxford: 1 defence
  • Reigate and Banstead: 1 hold, 1 gain
  • Cannock Chase: 1 gain
  • Solihull: 4 defence, 1 gain
  • Birmingham: 1 gain
  • Worcester: 1 gain
  • Sheffield: 1 defence, 2 gain
  • Kirklees: 1 hold
  • Leeds: 2 defence

Green losses (12 total):

  • Nuneaton & Bedworth: 1 loss
  • Oxford: 2 losses
  • Bradford: Hawarun Hussain loses her seat
  • Leeds: 1 loss (along with 2 holds)
  • Lewisham: John Coughlin loses his seat
  • Norwich: 5 losses including Lesley Grahame
  • Worthing: James Doyle loses his seat