New think tank to launch

19 July 2011

Green Party leader Caroline Lucas MP has welcomed the formation of a new green think tank, Green House.

Green House will be launched at 930am on Thursday, in the Elizabeth Fry Room, Friends Meeting House, 8 Hop Gardens, off St Martins Lane in London.

Caroline Lucas will introduce the press conference, and said today: "This is a really exciting initiative. Green House will present a radical challenge, not just to ordinary politics but to all of us in the progressive and environmental wing of politics. It is also another important step in bringing green politics into the mainstream in this country."

Green House has already assembled an impressive advisory group, including former Labour environment minister Michael Meacher, feminist and campaigner Bea Campbell, influential economist Professor Tim Jackson, and eco-feminist Mary Mellor.

Rupert Read, chair of Green House, said: "This is far more than just a Green Party initiative. Green House plans to operate throughout Britain and Ireland, and to engage thinkers beyond the Green Party.

"Green House will become a new kind of think tank, with the initiative coming from those who do the thinking, and will not just respond to what funders ask it to do."

Two papers are being published to mark the launch:

- Sustainability Citizenship, by Professor Andrew Dobson of Keele University. The paper argues that financial incentives, and the politics of nudge, are no substitute for genuine citizenship, and,

- a paper on welfare reform, co-authored by green economist Molly Scott Cato and Brian Heatley, a former senior civil servant. It argues for re-considering the definition of poverty, for disconnecting welfare from the labour market, and ending the idea of a retirement age.


The Green House website at: is now live.

The two launch papers will be available on the website from 8pm on 20 July.

The Green House Advisory Group consists of:

- Michael Meacher MP, the former Labour Environment Minsister;
- Bea Campbell, the feminist, journalist, playwright and broadcaster;
- Tim Jackson, Professor of Sustainable Development at the university of Surrey, and author of the influential book, Prosperity without Growth;
- Jean Lambert, London's Green MEP since 1999;
- Victor Anderson, a former member of the London Assembly and green economist;
- Mary Mellor, leading eco-feminist;
- Jonathan Porritt, former chair of the Sustainable Development Commission;
- Geoff Tansey, a leading expert on creating a fair and sustainable food system; and
- Simon Thomas, former Plaid Cymru MP for Ceredigion, and member of the Welsh Assembly.

Green House expects to publish further papers this Autumn including

- Guardians for Future Generations, by Rupert Read;
- Taking Shelter from the Markets: Some Answers to the Food Price Crisis, by Thomas Lines;
- Sweep Away the Dominoes: How to make Future Banking Crises Less Likely, by Thomas Lines; and
- Lessons from Ireland by John Barry.


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